S Type Load Cells

S type load cells, also known as S beam load cells or S-type load cells, are a type of load cell widely used in industrial weighing and force measurement applications. The S shape design of the load cell allows for both tension and compression force measurement.

The S type load cell is designed to be compact and durable, with a simple structure that makes it easy to install and maintain. It consists of a sensing element (strain gauge) attached to a metal structure in the shape of the letter S. When a force is applied to the load cell, it causes the metal structure to deform, which in turn causes a change in the electrical resistance of the strain gauge. The change in resistance is proportional to the applied force and can be measured by a signal conditioning circuit or instrument.

Some of the key advantages of S type load cells include:

Versatility: S type load cells can be used for both tension and compression force measurement, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
High Accuracy: S type load cells offer high accuracy measurement, with a typical non-linearity of 0.03% and hysteresis of 0.02% of full scale.
Compact Design: S type load cells are designed to be compact and easy to install, with simple mounting requirements.
Durable Construction: S type load cells are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, making them highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for use in harsh environments.
Cost-effective: S type load cells are generally more cost-effective than other types of load cells, making them a popular choice for many industrial applications.
Overall, S type load cells are a versatile and reliable choice for force measurement applications where accuracy and durability are critical. They are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and automotive.

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